What is your favourite combo from the SG x CH #3 collection?
Harmony bralet with the Forte legging paired with the oversized District sweater! 

What was your first Cleo Harper piece?
It was a bodysuit! It was way back in 2015

What is your favourite smoothie?
Iced coffee blended- I use ice, almond milk, protein powder, cinnamon & maple syrup!

Advice for people starting their fitness journey and how to keep motivated?
Set small, realistic goals. Each day make a promise to yourself to commit to just one thing that will help you achieve your goals. It could be a walk, hydration or workout. Don’t over complicate it! Find something you enjoy and love to move your bod!

You are a huge inspiration to a lot of women, who inspires you?
Thank you, that is incredibly sweet. I feel like my biggest inspiration and drive comes in aligning my core values with my work goals. My strongest human need is contribution- I thrive on helping others. I seek inspiration in the girls who are powerful in changing their lives through nutrition and training - so longest answer short - my inspiration is every day women living their best lives. That is what inspires me. 

The holiday season is coming up. Your best advice for how to stay fit on your holiday and during the festive season?
Enjoy the balance whilst still maintaining true to your values and goals. I love creating delicious meals for my family, whilst maintaining my macros to align with my goals. 

Which Cleo Harper pieces will you be taking on your next holiday?
Cruise Pant & Zeppelin Bralet from the SGxCH collection
Jordana Bralet, Lily Bikini Bottom & the Resort Robe from the Daydream collection (CleoTeam note: these pieces are all being restocked in December / January!) 

What are your favourite foods?
Lasagne, pasta, crème brûlée, prawns, tiramisu, oysters

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