10 Minutes with Sophie Guidolin

10 Minutes with Sophie Guidolin

For those who may not know you yet Sophie, who is SG?
This one is always a tricky one, as a multifaceted business owner, I actually pride myself on being a mum first. 
I am 33 years old, have 4 beautiful children and 2 gorgeous step daughters, I am a qualified NLP master practitioner, PT, nutritionist and women's empowerment leader.
I love to cook, workout, read, the ocean and being creative. I am happiest when I am surrounded by all my kids at home, with laughter, chaos and food, preferably in Summer! 
I genuinely love my 'work'- I have found creating a life I love in all areas means work never feels like work. My entire purpose in life has been to help other women never feel the way I have previously. 
I have 2 apps, THE BOD and Flourish and Fulfilled. 1 is a total health system, including nutrition, recipes and everything you need, the other is a mindset, meditation and NLP based app.
I am big on women's empowerment and helping other women feeling the best versions of themselves possible and have based my entire business around this.

You could wear any activewear brand, what really made Cleo Harper stand out to you when you first started wearing Cleo in 2016 and over the years?
I first tried Cleo Harper in 2016, the first thing that stood out to me was the backless design, feminine features - but the support the bralet provided to me, whilst still maintaining these features. I have a DD bust and at the time, newborn twins, it blew my mind how supportive the bralettes were, whilst having such unique features. 
I love that quality is never sacrificed, that the designs are always feminine and last!

SG x CH #4 is coming on 30 July, what makes this collection so special in your eyes?
For me, this collection has everything you need, in colours that are wardrobe staples. We have everything from shorts to jackets in this collection, we have supportive running bralettes, to bikinis! There truly is something for everyone in this drop! Being able to shoot this in Santorini was a dream come true and that is genuinely what I feel about this collection, too. It is. honestly such a dream collection! The buttery soft fabrics, the cuts, the colours - it is just next level.

We know you have a lot of OG Cleo pieces, do you still wear our collab pieces from the past?
YES! 100% I always get asked where they are from too, and I have to let people down because they are sold out! I love every single piece we have released, so I am more inclined to wear our collection items! There are a few key items that are just so timeless that I imagine I will wear for many years to come! The collections are rarely designed with what is on trend - but what flatters, looks beautiful and timeless - lifelong pieces!

Tell is a little about THE BOD:
The Bod is a complete nutrition and training method, including everything you need at your finger tips from your custom macros for flexible dieting, to recipes for the whole family, to results driven workouts, tailored to your goals, motivation, group challenges and everything you need to really smash your goals. Your very own personal trainer in your pocket!

Tell us a little about Flourish & Fulfilled:
Born from a place of disempowerment, I want women to always feel in control, to know that they can change their life, be able to step into their authentic selves and know that life is designed by us. We are always in charge. For flourish and fulfilled I offer a variety of different methods- from the app which provides daily journaling prompts, to guided meditation, breathwork and sounds to moon cycles and learning to release to all things no longer serving us to online courses - based on my NLP master practice studies, which are incredibly life changing to watch!

What are your big goals for the next year?
My big goals this year are to impact as many women as possible with our new app update coming to THE BOD, it takes years when we do big updates, so it is quite extensive to implement and complete- so I am super excited to see that be birthed as it is very different! My other big goal this year is to actually write a romance fiction novel, a goal I have had for quite some time, but is more of a personal goal than a business one, which often then gets the creative juices flowing through all areas of my life! My fitness goals are always based on strength or fitness, and whilst I know there has been some chatter about me competing, I don't think I will be stepping on stage anytime soon.

You have so much knowledge around business, productivity, organisation and fitness. What is one quick bit of advice on each of these topics?
Structure and organisation is the key to everything. We can do so much more when we know what we actually have to do, so looking at the tasks at hand that may need to be prioritised, then working out your day/week to ensure you can see your time at hand, make time where needed and delegate where possible. 
We have an online calendar, and a hard copy family diary on the kitchen bench too. On a Sunday, I will plan out the entire week ahead, from school events, birthdays, work functions, meetings, dinners etc so that everyone knows what is happening.

We’ve always loved your family-friendly recipes. What does an amazing “day on a plate” - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack - look like from your selection?
I use a flexible dieting approach, which is amazing as I am able to truly listen to my Bod and eat the foods I am craving, which I find is the best way to ensure my nutrients are being met. A pretty common day for me would be - oats with maple syrup, banana and protein powder, a coffee, banana bread for morning tea, lasagne or pasta for lunch, a yoghurt and fruit to get me through the arvo and then a big family dinner which we change most nights - but is usually pretty protein heavy. I love sweets and food is a big part of my life, which is why THE BOD app includes the flexible dieting feature as you can use my recipes in a flexible dieting approach!

When we launch this new collection on 30 July, where will you be and what pieces are you most excited about?
I will be in The Cleo Boutique, so if you are local on the Gold Coast, come in and say hi! I am most excited to see the styles on a variety of different people's bods!
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