Either you are a runner, love your walks, are a heavy lifter, love sweating it out with those HIIT sessions or getting strong with Pilates, we all need support around our bust during workouts. Our customers come in all different sizes of bra cups; our bralets are here to support you all. Regardless of size our philosophy is that everyone should feel supported and comfortable in all the different styles of CLEO HARPER bralets during a workout. This is why all of our bralets have 3 layers of breathable fabric and an additional final fourth layer of removable bra cups to keep you in place and supported during any workout. Wondering what size you will be? CLEO HARPER is known to be true to size and if you click into your preferable bralet here on the website you will also get a detailed description of the specific style. This is also were we will note if customers sometimes choose to size down in this particular style. And if you still are unsure of which bralet to choose or have any other questions our helpful customer service team are just an email away. 

And as we dive into summer here in Australia remember that all our bralets in our beloved Body Capsule or Body Base fabric also are perfect for swimming. Just rinse the bralet in cold water after your ocean or pool swim. What more can an active girl ask for; a supportive workout bralet and bikini top all in one? Yes please! And as always we would love to hear what your favourite CLEO HARPER bralet style is right now, so remember to tag us.

Xx The Cleo Harper Team

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