For some of us the Christmas holiday season means traveling to see loved ones, others like to end the year with a well-deserved getaway. Even though the holidays are mostly local in 2020 due to the current situation in the world, we truly hope you can be with your family or spend the festive season with loved ones. Here in Australia we feel very fortunate that interstate travel is on the charts again whilst the summer holiday season is fast approaching.

We know some feel routines get lost around Christmas or when we turn on that out of office notification. Here at Cleo Harper we think everyone needs to slow down at times, be present and enjoy time with loved ones without guilt of missing a workout. However we also know that its harder to get back on track after the holidays if we haven´t done anything over the break. So remember to pack your Cleo Harper activewear because here are some tips on how to avoid losing the form you have worked so hard for. This doesn’t mean you need to go up at 5:00am to do your usual gym workout. No, of course you can sleep in on your holidays but a walk to the nearest coffee shop instead of driving there, morning swims and beach walks will keep your body moving and your steps and activity levels up. This will be a welcomed break from your usual everyday routine so you return more motivated than ever.

We also love to explore new places by foot and a run through that little beach town you holidaying at. Sunrise is a magic way to explore your holiday destination in a different way. And remember if you miss your local gym too much, or feel like you need to let some energy out; there are endless apps & YouTube channels that can get you sweaty from a hotel room or a nearby park.

We would love to see the Cleo Harper combinations you have packed for your holidays and a picturesque outlook, so remember to tag us.

Happy holidays!

x The Cleo Harper Team

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